airbnb’s Coup: The Official ‘Alternative’ Accommodation Service for the Olympic Games

by Jessica Golden | Karen Stern

RIO De JANEIRO, BRCNBC reports Airbnb, the “official alternative accommodation service” for the Olympic Games, has made a big investment into Rio and it already is paying off. A city that once lacked enough hotels and is living under Brazil’s recession has meant significant opportunities for the booming homesharing marketplace.

 “It is the first time we are bringing home-sharing officially to the Olympic Games,” said Leonardo Tristao, Brazil country manager for Airbnb. “We are ensuring that anyone who wants to come to attend the Olympics has a place to stay in Rio.”  In preparation for the Olympics, Airbnb worked in coordination with the organizing committee to encourage people to open up their homes for visitors.

Airbnb also collaborated with local communities to engage stakeholders through webinars and outreach events to share “best practices”.

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Photo credit: airbnb