Cyberwar: Patrolling the Internet for the “Unwanted”

Cyberwar:  A powerful series now airing on VICELAND

Private cybersecurity team root9B specializes in removing “unwanted human presence” in their clients’ networks and believe that the future of terrorism is going to be cyber related.

root9B‘s leadership and technical teams are comprised of cybersecurity professionals who honed their craft securing Department of Defense (DoD) networks and communications. Along the way, they battled the same adversaries who represent today’s largest threats to businesses and government agencies—advanced, sophisticated nation-state cyber actors.

Watch this next clip to discover more.  root9B‘s experience enables them to think like any adversary.

Note: root9b is derived from “root” and “9B”; where the former denotes system level access and the latter is HEX for “911”. 

—Source and photos: root9B and VICELAND