Is Net Neutrality Really Dead?


California senators reach agreement on net neutrality bill

SACRAMENTO, CA — CNBC reports this week California state senators have reached an agreement on the state’s version of their own net neutrality bill. California lawmakers have reached an agreement on legislation to create stronger net neutrality protections after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently repeal its own regulations from the previous administration.

  • California’s bill is one of the nation’s most aggressive efforts to continue net neutrality, and the deal comes after a bitter fight among state Democrats over how far the state should go

  • Last year, the FCC dumped Obama-era rules requiring an equal playing field on the internet

  • Internet companies say it is not practical for them to comply with state-by-state internet regulations

The new California bill was designed to ensure broadband providers adhere to net neutrality principles at “interconnection points” where traffic from companies such as Netflix flow their content onto broadband networks for delivery to PCs and mobile devices.

Sources and video: CNET, CNBC, and ForttKnox