Snap Map is always on unless “Ghost Mode” is enabled

snap-incVenice, CASnap Map is a new feature introduced into Snapchat last week. Although Snapchat’s new functionality may seem unobtrusive or innocuous, one should approach this app’s latest upgrade with extreme caution, especially for younger audiences or new users.

According to Snap, Inc., it is very easy to get started with Snap Map — just pinch to zoom out and view the map. One decides to share a location with friends, or simply keep it personal with “Ghost Mode.”

We Live Security states that many users believe Snapchat is only sharing users’ location when they tag their location in “Snaps” and post to “Our Story”.  However, users’ locations are being monitored and constantly broadcast, as long the app is open or actively in use.

It is recommended that families protect those under 18 years of age by preventing Snap Map from broadcasting any location while remaining cautiously selective about who is added to users’ friends list.

For those with the Snapchat app, enable “Ghost Mode” by entering the new Snap Map feature. This is accomplished by going to the camera screen, pinching fingers as if zooming out from one of the smart phone’s photographs, then selecting the settings icon in the top right-hand corner to enable “Ghost Mode”.

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Sources: We Live Security
Video and photo: Snap, Inc.

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