KPMG: “Running Point” on the NBA’s Schedule

NEW YORK, NY—In an effort to improve the health and wellness of its players, the NBA teamed up with KPMG’s Data and Analytics team to develop a computer-optimized approach to its schedule.

Maximizing the value of schedules is a complex challenge that plays a critical role in enabling operational success. Virtually any organization has some type of schedule that should be optimized. Oftentimes, it can seem like an overwhelmingly challenging puzzle to solve.

KPMG teamed with the NBA to build the 2016-17 schedule for the NBA. With 30 teams and 1,230 games, there are more possible schedules than atoms in the universe. To solve this problem, the system had over 60 servers running in parallel on the cloud and generated over 32 trillion possible schedules.

Using this new system, KPMG and the NBA were collectively able to improve one of the NBA’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by 26 percent and provided many other successes for the NBA that had not been achieved in any prior year, such as allowing each team to appear on one of the league’s premier TV networks at least once.

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Source: KPMG