‘Dell Technologies’ Officially Launched

After almost a year and an estimated $63 billion, meet Dell’s new tech giant(s). Combined ‘Dell Technologies’ provides innovation and new technologies that will NOT compete directly with [Amazon’s] AWS and [Microsoft’s] Azure, but deploy enterprise-class cloud portfolios for large mission-critical applications.

by Barb Darrow

AUSTIN, Texas [Fortune.com] — It took almost a year and an estimated $63 billion to accomplish, but Dell Technologies is officially launched. This tech giant brings together Dell’s existing hardware business with EMC‘s various subsidiaries, including VMware, Pivotal, and Virtustream.

In an interview with Fortune before the press event on Wednesday, the combined company’s chief executive Michael Dell reiterated the importance of fieldingdell-emc-merger the right technology and doing so as a private company—thus minus shareholder pressures.

“We want to innovate on behalf of customers, and that is a challenge for many public companies—particularly if they don’t have the right portfolio,” says Dell. “What’s unique about Dell, EMC, Virtustream, Pivotal, Secureworks, RSA, etc. is we’ll pull together the best capabilities and we’re private so we can do that on a longer term time horizon. Other companies are out there selling off pieces and are in some form of distress one way or another.”

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— Source: Fortune.com
Photos: Dell and Getty Images