Wi-Fi on wheels closes Digital Divide

COACHELLA VALLEY, CA (CBS News) —When 9th grader Anisa Perez takes the bus home from school, she does her homework using the Wi-Fi network on her school bus.

Anisa, a student in Coachella Valley, California’s school district, uses her iPad on the bus.

The bus essentially works as a large mobile hot spot, thanks to Coachella Valley school district superintendent Darryl Adams.

He’s a former rock musician, who believes technology is the key to a quality education. Under his direction, Coachella became the first school district in the country to put iPads in the hands of every student — Pre-K to 12th grade.

But that’s when Adams uncovered a new problem: most of his students, like Anisa, do not have Internet access or service at home.

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—Video: Department of Education, Office of Education Technology