App-enabled makeup mirror features dynamic sensing

The new simplehuman wide-view sensor mirror is app-enabled. Using the app, you can capture light settings from the world around you and accurately recreate them in the mirror.

— photo  credit simplehuman

LAS VEGAS, NV—With their brand mission in mind, simplehuman created an innovative makeup mirror with mini-sensors that incorporates technology to help make everyday makeup chores more efficient. simplehuman, known for their sleek and innovative designs, exhibited their product lineup that expanded their bathroom portfolio and brand into the beauty market.  Their new sensor mirror, provides unparalleled color correctness, brightness and clarity through a super bright LED light ring that not only mimics natural sunlight, but also reflects light consistently and evenly.  The new sensor mirror embodies the brand’s mission of efficient living.

  • Full-spectrum LED light mimics natural sunlight to show maximum detail and full color-spectrum variation to look flawless anywhere, in any light.
  • Super bright light ring is designed with specially patterned micro-reflectors to give a bright, even light.
  • Optimum 5x magnification provides ideal detail while still allowing users to see their entire face.
  • Precise curvature creates distortion-free optics, even around the edges.
  • Ultra-clear high-quality glass and superior reflectivity maximizes color, brightness and clarity.